Saturday, 28 July 2012

The XXX Olympiad is underway and it has been a full month since I last posted on here!
I thoroughly enjoyed last night's opening ceremony, my favourite part was the steel mill scene when the 5 rings were forged and raised to the sky, the visual effects were tremendous.  It got a wee bitty long winded and boring towards the end, but it was still a fantastic ceremony.
I have successfully managed to get over my injury (I hope!) and am now back into training for Toronto in October, however I made the tough decision 2 weeks ago to withdraw my entry from the Devil O' The Highlands ultra next weekend... on the same day as I got an offer of a place :-(
The week after my last post, we decided to go for a long run as we were both feeling a bit better, we managed 22.5miles from Falkirk to Edinburgh on the canal on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon. 
The pint of beer in Ryries at the end was absolute heaven :-)  Then it was back on the train to Falkirk and drive home.  Pleased to report no adverse effects from the extra distance and although it was slow it was reassuring in terms of strength and stamina - especially as I'd not run over 10miles since April :-)
At this point I was still hopeful of taking part in the Devil, but we went on holiday for the first 2 weeks in July and whilst I did run, I didn't get any distances in - it was too hot, and it was holidays!  When we got home I sent the email saying I didn't feel I was fit and withdrew my entry :-(  I intend to be fit for next August and give it a really good go!
So where are we now?  Last weekend was the CS40 Ultra - the Clyde Stride, a fantastic run which I did last year and which John was doing this year.  I had originally intended to volunteer this year, but instead, entered the Relay with 3 friends from parkrun.  After weeks of torrential rain - fortunately we missed 2 weeks of it sunning ourselves in Europe! - Saturday morning dawned bright and clear, and the runners lined up at Partick full of excitement and expectation.  Once again Lee McLean and her awesome band of helpers put on a brilliant event.  Falkirk parkrun heartbreakers had a great day out, everyone ran well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves, even though we were beaten by 5 minutes by Superman LOL!
Hoping that I can carry on training for Toronto avoiding any further injury, run well in my upcoming races and get fitter and faster...