Thursday, 5 April 2012

Blogging along

I am not doing very well with coming back to update this on a regular basis, it's not that we're not doing anything, it's just that I don't seem to find the time - that's a feeble excuse given the amount of time I can spend online catching up with facebook friends!

However on Monday 9 April I am embarking on a new journey, I am going to be a guinea pig and undertake a 4 week training and nutrition plan with John and Pamela from Pinpoint-Fitness. These are the guys we did our personal training with in January and February and they have devised a new workout regime which they are hoping to market so myself and 4 others are going to road-test it :-)
On the running/training front it's still going pretty well, I had a couple of short but tough runs on Thursday up at Crianlarich, and got a new PB at Falkirk parkrun on Sat then we went back to Callendar Park on Sunday morning to meet with a group of fellow nutters to do a hill rep session on our beloved Heartbreak Hill (HBH) the weather was kind to us as the good weather lasted all over the weekend - it was forecast to break on the Friday but didn't.
We had blizzards on Tuesday though to make up for it! There's still snow on the hills but hopefully the sunshine will continue and we will move into a long, sunny Spring and Summer.

I am going to blog about this experience here so if you're at all interested, feel free to pop in for a look!

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