Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday... (enough said!)

Pretty crappy Monday, fed up hearing people say 'Oh I forgot' or 'I've forgotten my password' and was sad a good friend and colleague is leaving us :-( so was glad to get finished... However by time was halfway through tonight's session with Pinpoint all the stresses of the day had completely disappeared! Now I know that sounds cheesy but it's true!  Was a tough workout on the back of a tough couple of day's running, but 4 rounds of awesome tabatas and then a tropical downpour to cool us down at the end, was the perfect antidote to my day. 
Sitting here tired now but stress free and feeling really good :-)

If you're feeling that your in a bit of a rut with your training and you are looking for something a wee bit different, check these guys out - it's only 45 mins 3 times a week and the benefits are awesome.
When I started as a Pinpoint Guinea Pig in April I was asked to write down a goal, I can now say that I have achieved that goal, so now I have to set another one :-) that might be a bit harder...
However I have lots of goals I want to achieve in my life, but the realisation that I've achieved one I set a couple of months ago is a real feel-good feeling...
Ask me again tomorrow after my hill-reps if I'm still feeling as good :-)

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