Sunday, 4 November 2012


How many things can you do with a pumpkin?  A lot more than just carve them :-)
These are my masterpieces from last weekend, I made pumpkin muffins with the insides of the spider's web one.
Then on Wednesday we had a spooky fitcamp session - we all turned up dressed in fancy dress, and did a mega workout where every exercise involved a pumpkin!  Was great fun if hard work and as always with the evening crew we had lots of laughs along the way ;-)
We were gifted the pumpkin to take home with us and challenged to see what we could make with it - I think the best suggestion came from Angela who suggested a door stop or foot rest lol!
Because I like to experiment in the kitchen, I decided to see what culinary delights I could come up with - here are the results:
Spicy pumpkin soup - which is in the fridge so no photo - we are having it for lunch tomorrow.
Toasted pumpkin seeds - wash the seeds, dry and place on a dry baking tray, toast until golden - delicious as a snack or sprinkled on your soup/yoghurt etc

pumpkin bread - delicious warm or cold spread with butter - yummmmmm

Chinese chicken and pumpkin curry with fresh spinach and coriander  

So there you go, you can use a pumpkin instead of a kettle bell for a good workout and you can eat it too :-)
Hope you all had a Happy Hallowe'en!

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