Friday, 4 January 2013

Don't look Ethel!

(Here endeth the streak...)

Definitely NOT out!
I haven't run today... but I'm not down about it, I said I'd listen to my body, and whilst I took my bag with me today, when it came to lunchtime I was a bit wheezy ( I blame the weird aircon they have in the room I've been in for past 2 days - I always come back from there snuffly or wheezy...) so I went for a wee walk round the shops instead.  I did consider running when I got home, but decided, 'no, enough is enough'  I've managed 34 days running outdoors in all weathers with no injuries or illness and I feel pretty good about that :-)

I am going to have the evening off, a tiny wee glass of wine and heinous of all crimes, a takeaway curry!

It's back on the straight and narrow tomorrow, the eating is back on track and the running and fitcamps will be back underway too.  I've got goals to achieve in the next few months and I'm going to do my damndest to nail them.  I'm pleased that whilst I put on a couple of pounds during December, I didn't actually put any on over the dreaded Xmas/NY week, ok so I didn't lose any either but it's still a first!
I think we still had a good time over the festive season with enough indulgence to make us feel that we'd not been deprived, but definitely nothing like the gross over indulgence we used to undertake - for no reason other than I think we were conditioned to believe that that was what you did... in the same way as the hundreds of people who flock to the supermarkets on Xmas eve and Hogmanay and panic buy as if the end of the world was nigh - the shops are only closed for 2 days!!  So, if there's a moral to this post it is this - in the same way as we are conditioned to overeat and drink in December - how many times do you hear - 'oh well just the one then it is Christmas' or similar excuses from people who can't say no thanks? - We can also condition ourselves to make healthier choices, to get up out of our chairs, to park a little bit further away from the door of the shops, to drink more water etc etc...
None of these things cost us much time but they will make a difference to our health.
So a toast to all my healthy friends, and a 'come on what's stopping you?' to the rest... you decide which category suits you xx

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