Friday, 21 June 2013

It's Here!

It's finally here!

It seems to have been a long time in the planning, but today is the day... well it's the very early hours of tomorrow really - 1am - but because of registration etc beforehand, in my head the race starts Friday night.  All the past months of training, planning and worrying are hopefully stored in the bank and it's now into relentless forward motion mode for the next 2 days!

I am working this morning, John has the day off and will hopefully catch some extra sleep, I've been awake since 0430 so will try to get  a nap this afternoon, our kitchen floor is covered in boxes of food, first aid kit, clothes, shoes, drugs, (all of which are readily available over the counter!) the only thing I haven't got organised is my own stuff, but that's minimal in comparison so should only take half an hour this evening...

We have hired a small camper for the weekend and our friends James, Sarah and George will be travelling with me at various stages of the journey, I am not going into any detail, John has it all planned - he's good at logistics :-) and I'm sure it will come into some of his future blogs so I won't duplicate stuff.  Everybody knows their role and also thanks to the goodwill (and commercial savvy?) there will be early morning rolls on offer too in the wee sma' hours - thank you to the Beech Tree Inn and the Oak Tree Inn, it really is appreciated.
Just in case you've missed the excitement and hype of the past few months in friends' blogs or on facebook, this is what it's all about

I think the expectation is that about 180 starters will head under the famous underpass and up the steps at 1am on 22 June and all hopefully arrive in Fort William, 96miles and anything up to 35 hours later.
I wish them all a safe, and injury free race, can't wait to see you all pick up your crystal goblets at Sunday's prizegiving!

I guess I should go now and try and get my day into some sort of semblance of normal as I'm working til lunchtime but think will find it very, very hard to concentrate...

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