Tuesday, 14 April 2015


No, it was (bloody) hard!  However it was another one on the Bucket List and a good long training run.  It was also very sunny and hot and WINDY!!  (It has to be pretty hot for me to burn and my neck/shoulders got sunburnt.)  This was another race that was on my bucket list and another which was entered before WHW was on the horizon.  John has run it twice before and I did the 10km on those occasions.
This race has a very strict 5h30 cutoff and when I entered I was hopeful that I should be ok with that having got my 5:0:01 at Loch Ness in Sept 2013 and add to that there are no hills in Rotterdam.  The person who finishes on or just before 5:30 becomes a celebrity as the TV camera bikes follow them for the last 2km and they get presented their medal by the race winner... I wasn't sure if I fancied that part of things but decided even though plans were changed for 2015, that I'd take a chance. 
As it was, I finished behind the official clock so at the moment don't have a recorded time, however along with the other folks who were behind me, and there were a few, we were told at about the 20mile mark, that we would be ok to finish and that would still get our medals.  I was ok with this, as my goals had changed, if as originally planned I had trained for this as my 'A' race of the year I would have hopefully not been in this position.
This is a superbly organised race, a very flat, fast course and definitely one for those of you who are PB hunting.  The support on the course is awesome, and I was blown away by the number of people still at the finish all cheering and shouting my name - I may at some point come back and do it again with a proper marathon training plan and taper behind me.  Like I said when I posted about Berlin, I am in no way being disrespectful by running and not being 'properly prepared' I most certainly don't go out with the attitude that I can 'wing it' but I went out to do a 26mile (26.52) training run and I managed that.  I'm disappointed that I didn't get under 5:30 but not downhearted, I know where things went wrong, where I got bored and where I should have fuelled (but that would mean remembering to take stuff with me...) my legs were less problematic than in Berlin and we had a fine long weekend away topped off by hitting the 6kg weightloss mark today :-)

ps Hardlopen means to run/race

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