Thursday, 31 March 2011

April tomorrow!

Unbelievable it's April 1st tomorrow and that's not a joke! Apart from the rain and gale force winds today, it's been a real taste of Spring this past few days.
It's been a good running week, after Sunday's run with my new coach :-) we went out again on Monday evening for a couple of miles which were good fun - ok maybe not fun but we had a nice wee run in the extra hour of daylight and the sun was shining and it was really nice company. I had come home from work tired and more cranky than usual and really couldn't be bothered, but I worked hard and felt sooooo much better as a result.
Tuesday did a 5k treadmill run at lunchtime and then went to Stirling for Bootcamp. Although the Diehard programme has ended - it was a quick 10 weeks! I signed up for a 6week block of once a week sessions. Tuesday's was predominately upper body and core work, good workout. Wednesday morning my shoulders were telling me they'd had a workout! I decided to go to the gym again yesterday lunchtime and did a 13min warmup on the elliptical trainer and then got on the treadmill and knocked out a 10minute mile! That's pretty impressive for me who is comfortable in the 12min mile zone and usually has a walk break at 10mins. I finished with 5mins on the bike to 'cooldown' then showered and back to work.
Last night however I was done! I was so tired and stiff and couldn't drag my bones out for a run so baked instead - a batch of my 'quickly becoming legendary' courgette & blueberry cakes, great stress relief :-) My new breadmaker arrived yesterday and I resisted the temptation to dive straight in and wait until today to use it once I had all the extra ingredients I didn't have in the cupboard.
Today's achievement of which I am VERY proud is that - bear in mind I said I run in the 12min mile zone with walking breaks - today at lunchtime I went to the treadmill and ran 3 miles at 11:06min pace and NO walking breaks :-) :-) :-)
*quiet grin* Still feeling quite proud of myself as I write this & loving the almost straight lines on my Garmin output*quiet grin*
Have had my fortnightly ironing session with the physio so calves have been well and truly dewrinkled and are now aching ever so slightly, breadmaker is doing it's stuff and it's starting to smell like fresh bread is baking, so now it's time for a wee seat in front of the telly and a moan that there's nothing on worth watching!
Rest day tomorrow and I think I will take it as it will be a busy weekend again.

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