Thursday, 24 March 2011

Good Tired :-)

I've had a busy training week this week, but I'm glad I've managed to maintain it, I feel quite righteous if ever so slightly exhausted :-)

If I start with Sunday, last Diehard Bootcamp mentioned in previous post
then Monday, 4.5mile interval session hard, hard work!
Tuesday Bootcamp in Stirling, great outdoor mix of cardio and strength, lovely spring evening, shame about whatever it was that bit me! I still have big lumps as had a reaction to the bites :-(
Wednesday, Rest Day!!
Thursday, 7mile steady run. I did a 10k loop after sitting all day in a conference and oh boy are my legs still stiff and tired...
Another rest tomorrow and then long run either Saturday or Sunday.

Tomorrow we're off to Glasgow late afternoon to go to a gig at the Magners Comedy Festival David is a friend and colleague so looking forward to a good night out, overnight stay planned too so that will be a nice wee break.

Hope this beautiful Spring weather holds, but won't hold my breathe, just in case...

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