Friday, 29 April 2011

Nearly Taper Time...

Last long run this weekend, then it's taper for Edinburgh marathon on 22nd May. I have a 10k race on 8th May to fit in along the way and want to do well at it so huge huge thanks go to my wonderful "coachhubby" :-) who took me out on Wed evening for a paced run. I still struggle with maintaining a consistent pace, I just can't quite get to grasps with it unless I'm on the treadmill, so I really appreciate the help and reassurance that I get from these sessions. I guess it is one of those skills which comes with practice and I'm not afraid to keep practising so maybe one of these days it'll all come together - would be good if it could be next Saturday!! Oh and again 2 weeks later :-)
I've had a sore leg this past week, and had a good, hard physio session on Thursday evening - no serious damage done, he just thinks it's the cumulative effect of a long training programme, this is probably the hardest programme I've done yet but I've really enjoyed it and hope it pays dividends. I left the physio adorned with some "magic tape" I am a bit cynical when I see this sort of thing being touted at expos, but I have to say it has really reduced the pain, and matches my new shoes :-)

However it did mean that I wasn't able to do my long run today so it will be on Sunday. It's been a holiday for us because of the Royal Wedding, I spent the morning listening to the TV and popping through to see highlights, while making a "Milk Man" superhero costume... cape with hood and ears, and shorts in lovely cow print fleece :-)
Tomorrow we are off to Rowardennan on Loch Lomond to marshall at the Highland Fling 53 mile ultra race. John had intended taking part, but an injury 2 months ago curtailed his training so he had to withdraw and we were asked to help with marshalling. I'm looking forward to it, we will be at about the 20mile point and it looks like the weather should be fairly kind to the runners so should be a good day out. Who knows, maybe one day I'll have a go at it? Fingers crossed the weather is also fair for me on Sunday as I have to do 20miles and then we have a day off on Monday for a local public holiday so can have a well deserved rest :-)

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