Monday, 2 May 2011

Just like the buses...

nothing comes along for ages then 2 come at once :-) It's an old saying which I remember my grandparents using but it typifies the fact that I haven't posted much in the last few weeks, and here I am 2 posts within a couple of days of each other!
Thought I'd take advantage of the BankHoliday to catch up on stuff and write a wee update on the weekend's activities.
Saturday dawned fair and we set off to Rowardennan to fulfill our duties as marshalls on the Highland Fling, what a great day! It was warm for the runners and by the time they got to us 27 miles, they were very grateful for their food bags and the water that was on offer. Most of them looked remarkably fresh, testament I guess to their training, they were feeling the heat but doing well, and that was only half way! One wee bit of excitement was the arrival of the Air Ambulance to take one poor chap off to hospital with a suspected heart attack, I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. We were finished by about 3.30pm and after ensuring all the rubbish was packed up and taken away from the site, we headed off round Loch Lomond to Tyndrum to the race finish to return the timing machine and the water canisters to the organisers. This had been somewhat overlooked by the marshall in charge, but fortunately we were able to step in and take them round. It was an interesting finish to a race, quite small and "just up a track" though there were 2 pipers playing about 500m from the finish arch which I am sure was a welcome sound then sight to many of the runners.
Sunday morning was also bright and fair and I thought on wakening, not so windy... I got up and breakfasted and then got ready to head out for my 20 mile run. I'd only gone about 2miles before I turned into a headwind that was blowing at about 20mph! Decisions, decisions, do I head off into it or do I turn and run with it at my back? I decided to run into the wind as it was good practice for Edinburgh, the marathon route runs along the coast of the River Forth for about 18miles and it's invariably windy - it was also very sunny and hot - which is also good practice for the normal end of May weather which is often low 20sC.
My tight calf was pulling from the outset, but it was never really sore, so I decided to keep going, I knew if it got too bad I could phone John and he'd pick me up in the car. In the end I had a really good slow 20mile run, the wind usually knocks me for 6, but I felt in control this time and just tried to tuck myself in and plod into it waiting for the turning point when I'd hopefully get the benefit of it being at my back, this didn't really happen as once I'd turned it ended up being to my right hand side so was still blowing at me - but hey ho these things are all good learning experiences and it's the best I've ever coped with the wind so I was pleased. My leg started to hurt with about 1.5km to go and by the time I got up the hill to the house, I was walking - well "hirpling" to use a good old Scots word, and immediately turned the cold water hose on my legs, this helps the muscles to contract quickly and reduces the spaces for the lactic acid to gather making recovery easier. I sat in the sun for an hour after my shower icing my leg and rehydrating with coffee, cola, water and the pink bubbly we'd got as a thank you for marshalling on Saturday.
I rang the physio this morning and managed to get in to see him at 9am which was great, he did some really sore digging, some ultrasound treatment and retaped me - much amusement ensued when I took the tape off - 2 days in shorts in the sun meant I had lovely lines on my leg where the tape had been :-)
So, couple of days rest and ice later on and hopefully be back on the mend and ready for Edinburgh. I am unsure whether to run the 10k on Sunday now as he advised caution and given how I feel this morning I won't be, but I might be up for it by Thurs/Fri...
Off to enjoy the sunshine and get the garden organised.

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