Saturday, 30 July 2011

Getting there - albeit slowly :-)

I like this poster it makes me smile, and today I can say "Yes" I did run. Not very far, about 4km and not very fast, but I got up, got out there and I did it. John ran with me round the new parkrun course at Falkirk, he was racing and I was volunteering - today I was managing the funnel, which basically means making sure that the finishers stay in order after crossing the line until they've received their barcode. This ensures that each person gets the correct time.
So we arrived a wee bit early and he used it as his warm up - it was good, I enjoyed it and am looking forward to going back and running there again. It must have paid dividends for John too as he ran round a full 30 secs faster than last week! Tomorrow I will try and run 10k or so.
The weather was glorious here today, hot and sunny so hopefully it will be nice again tomorrow, fingers crossed.

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