Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Midweek ponderings :-)

That is sooooooooo true... and was brought home to me yesterday :-)
On Monday I started my "Devil program"  this is a training program which will hopefully get me fit and ready for the Devil of the highlands ultra in August.  I entered the race after the Highland Fling at the end of April and am on the reserve list.  However it is usually the case that most of the people (usually all!) on the reserve list do get a place to run, as people enter at the start of the year and then have to pull out for a myriad of reasons.  Some get injured during the training, for others life just gets in the way...
So the program started on Monday, and fortunately that was a REST day :-) I was quite glad as I was fairly tired after the 10k on Sunday.  Yesterday I had a great morning at work, then had to spend the afternoon dealing with other people's ineptitude, arrogance and downright stupidity, so by the time it got to the end of the day I had lost all my enthusiasm and excitement about starting a new program :-(  However, I 'zipped up my mansuit' put on my shoes and went out to do my first Fartlek session.  The sun was shining and although my warmup involved running into a stiff northerly - so stiff that at times I didn't feel at all like I was running downhill, I soon got into the session... 2m30 fast then 1m30 recovery times 6 then a gentle jog home. I thoroughly enjoyed it and was really pleased that I managed to do all six intervals and was still fit for the uphill all the way home!  I met my son out for his run and he chummed me up the road which was nice as it discouraged me from stopping half way up the hill and walking the rest of the way.  By the end of it, the stresses of the day had gone hence my picture :-)
Today was a better day workwise, and this evening's session was a 50min easy pace run.  A friend and colleague came with me and we chatted round the 6.5k route and had a very pleasant time.
My legs are quite tired and a bit stiff now so tomorrow morning's first job will be a session on the foam roller...
I have another 40min easy run tomorrow night then on Friday I get another REST day :-) I plan to put my trail shoes on tomorrow and go for a wee easy run around Gartmorn Dam, and if the weather forecast is accurate it should be fine and muddy :-)
I'm still trying to stick to the healthy eating principle that I learned working with the guys at PinPoint Fitness and doing pretty well, next week I am going back for a free week with them to trial the new stuff they've been learning this past week at their training camp in Marbella - something wrong here - John and Pamela train in Marbella we train in cold, wet Cumbernauld lol!

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