Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Where did it go?  I can't believe that it's 5 weeks since Loch Ness.  In that time I have attempted and DNF'd Amsterdam marathon, DNS'd Glen Ogle and made a feeble attempt at Run with the Wind 10km.  All the time I have been competing with some nasty viral thing which I thought was a head cold that I'd come down with straight after Loch Ness :-(
Maybe it's just my old body reminding me that it's no longer young and while I'm reasonably fit for an old bird, I needed some R&R and was maybe attempting too much.  I don't know about you, but once a race is over and the euphoria dies down, usually a day or two - or in the case of post G24, a week :-)  then I tend to think I'm ready to move on to the next target - I forget I need recovery time.  However, those are not grumbles and moans they're just the way it is, I was particularly unwell last Tuesday night/ Wednesday and so I stayed home from work and slept lots which seemed to help.  I knew I wasn't up to a 33 mile run on Saturday, but we still managed to get togged up in our foul weather gear and spend 6 hours in the rain/sleet/cold ringing cowbells and cheering on the runners!  Sunday dawned a beautiful day so I decided to give the 10k a go - heartfelt thanks to Dougie for agreeing to chum me round as his recovery run after his first Ultra at Glen Ogle!
However... it's not a negative post, in the space of 8 weeks I
completed the Devil O' The Highlands an hour ahead of schedule
ran 50.36miles in 12 hours at Glenmore24
got a new PB at Loch Ness marathon
got a season's best time for 10 at Run with the Wind...

and yep still I'm grumbling :-D  we're never happy huh?  On the plus side, I think I have finally cleared the virus out my system, I feel better this past 3 days than I have felt for ages, I am back on a training plan and I have set my goals for 2014 and entered races.

one more race this year then is time for marcothon!  Bring on the Winter training! 
 (oh and am about to take part in some trials... more of that to come)

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