Thursday, 5 December 2013


I guess it followed October, but it wheeched past almost as quickly!  What did we do in November?  Not a huge amount of running, I should have done the Glen Ogle ultra, but my month of one wee sniffle/illness after another that was October culminated in a stonker of 3 days off in bed and feeling miserable at the end of the month, so although feeling better by Nov 2nd I knew I wasn't fit to run 33miles on some tough terrain.  We did however head up to support and dressed in many layers to ward off the foul weather, we rung the cow bells and handed out haribos to the hardy souls who competed.  Another great BaM event which as usual culminated in a fine wee 'evening in the pub'!
The following day dawned bright, warm(ish) and sunny, complete contrast to the day before, and as I had entered months ago and was feeling reasonably ok, we headed down to Strathaven for the Run with the Wind 10k. Dougie who had run his first ultra at Glen Ogle was going to try for a wee gentle leg stretch and so I asked him to pace me round (BIG mistake!!!)  I didn't realise that he couldn't pace... that aside, it was a great day out, I didn't get a PB but I did get fastest 10k so far for the year, and the sun shone on us.  It is an undulating course, which I will definitely go back and do again, well done Striders for putting on another great race.
The following week was the Jimmy Irvine 10k at Bellahouston park and we were both entered - again months ago, so John agreed that he thought he was fit enough to pace me round -  now he CAN pace - he does it brilliantly!  I took another minute off my time, so again no PB but an improvement for the year and still not 100% fit, happy with that.  Not such good weather this time, heavy rain at the start and a strong wind to contend with.  That was it then, I had said I was going to rest in November but I have agreed to be a guinea pig so we headed up to Abertay university day after Jimmy Irvine to undertake some interesting and tough tests.  So, while I rested as in didn't do much running, I've been training and have been thoroughly enjoying the change and the company - John has been doing the training with me.
Before we knew it, it was December 1st and of course that signals the start of the annual funfest that is Marcothon along with almost 1600 other hardy souls we are out running every day :-) whatever the weather - and today we have had weather!  It was also the opening for entries of the Glenmore 24 (G24)  This has been to date the most memorable running experience I have ever had, I loved it so much that when I finished in September I made the commitment that next year I was going for the 24hours.  I was fortunate to get a place and I am excited already - even though there's the small matter of  the D33, G2E, Big Sur Marathon and Great Glen Ultra to get through before then! (busy year next year!)
Last night I took a wee bit of a tumble and banged my knee - however,

I still completed my run and I was able to get out again tonight, thought it's a bit achy now and I'm hoping it doesn't interfere with our plans for the rest of this week - we're on holiday so as long as I stay in one piece and John's achilles continues to heal, we've got a few miles planned over the next few days.
Before we know it, it will be 2014 and then it's the frenzy of entering the D33 :-)

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  1. Take care of all your sore bits you pair. Cowbells were the best :)