Tuesday, 8 July 2014

La Lanterne Rouge

Not a prize for coming last!  I got such a row from two very well known and highly respected ultra running twins for even suggesting that, that I haven't joked about it again.
Nor is it an indication of a change of career as my dear husband suggested it might be...

Seriously though, I am still a little overwhelmed at my award at the prize giving on Sunday, I was just absolutely delighted to be there and to be getting my gorgeous engraved whisky tumbler and miniature of BaM Scotch the same as everyone else.  I didn't even give any thought to the fact that my name was last to be read out, I was last home after all... When Mike started to do a sort of introductory thing I remember saying to John, don't say anything Mike just give me the glass... He then went on to explain about the Lanterne Rouge and how it was a BaM tradition and that this year I was the recipient!  I was genuinely gobsmacked and those that know me well will know that doesn't happen often!
I said thank you to Bill and to Mike at the time, I think I said it a few times in the pub later too, but just for the record, one more time, 'with feeling' THANK YOU!!!!
Thank you for the award, I am genuinely overwhelmed, but even more thanks for allowing me to enter this race.  Firstly for accepting my entry, that in itself was a great boost to my confidence, then as I said in an earlier post I have had a funny year this year, and there were times when I doubted if I would make the bus to Fort William.  As recently as 3 weeks ago I was ready to tell Bill I wasn't up for it and he got in first with the words "that's really good time on your feet for the Great Glen"  I couldn't bring myself to tell him I'd been having serious doubts on the way up the mountain from Shield Bridge!  Thank you to everyone along the way, all of the wonderful marshalls and all of you who stayed to watch me finish.  To everyone at the prizegiving who clapped so loud and long, and everyone who congratulated me afterwards.  God this is starting to sound like an Oscar speech!  To Bill and Mike and all the team who put together such an amazing event and especially to Terry and to George who were awesome as sweepers.  I have real stress issues about sweepers and they did exactly as I asked them to, they stayed out my hair and left me alone to do it my way, but when I needed them they were there.  You are all amazing and the best bunch of friends ever!!

and if you're not sure why La lanterne rouge, wikipedia is your friend...