Friday, 11 February 2011

End of the week again!

This was the sunset on Tuesday evening as I headed toward Stirling, it was quite stunning...

I can't believe the week is over already! I had never intended to post daily, but I can't quite believe it's Friday evening again...
I suppose being so busy at the moment rushes the time past and the days always start to merge a bit as you approach the peak of a training programme.
I have done quite a lot this week, I did my Diehard Bootcamp on Sunday - previous post, then I ran at lunchtime in the gym on Monday. Tuesday was Stirling Bootcamp and I decided to run there so that I got a midweek run in as well. I ran just short of 11k then did the hour's bootcamp so was pretty tired by the end :-) I had extremely "twitchy legs" on Tuesday night so didn't sleep at all well, this meant that on Wednesday I was very tired and a tad grouchy, I was doing a job at work which involved a lot of concentrating on the screen so by the time I left work I was shattered and not looking forward to going to Linlithgow. I went though and have to confess I'm glad I went as I felt like a whole new person after bootcamp #2 of the week. Really enjoyed some well earned fish and chips on the way home!
Yesterday I didn't exercise as it was platelet donation session in the late afternoon and I'd got a ticking off last time for having done a spin class before I went as it pulls the Hb levels way down. I was really good, I ate extra healthily and took my iron supplements all week and stayed off the ibuprofen even though I'd have chewed your arm off for one (you're not supposed to take anything for 7 days prior to donating) so turned up yesterday feeling quite righteous and with a MEGA platelet count of 400 which I think is the highest I've ever had, and a Hb of 12.2 - it has to be 12.5 before they take the donation :-( Not a happy bunny - they say exercise is good for you too!!!
Today was always going to be a rest day as it's a 20mile run tomorrow, but feeling a bit guilty as I didn't do anything yesterday either...
However, fingers crossed that the weather brightens up a wee bit and we have good long runs tomorrow - a few folk I know are all going long tomorrow as the start of the marathon season rapidly approaches!

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