Friday, 4 February 2011

It's been a busy week!

I meant to post an update earlier in the week, but it's just flown in, so here I am Friday night already!
This week has been busy, work has been busy and I've been trying to fit in as much training as I can as well so it's been a bit like: work, train, eat, sleep, work, train, eat, sleep etc., etc.
I had a rest day on Monday, but still did my wii fit to keep up with the 100 days challenge, then Tuesday I did a lunchtime gym session with the intention of getting a 7mile run in the evening however I was feeling bit unwell Tuesday afternoon so I'm afraid it was an early night in the end and no run. I had changed my Bootcamp session from Tuesday to Friday so that I could fit everything in. Wednesday was a good lunchtime run/interval session and then Bootcamp at Linlithgow, it was the start of the stormy weather so it was a bit wet and windy but we did it :-)
Thursday I went to spin class which was a tough resistance/climbing workout which I really enjoyed and although the legs felt tired after they soon picked up. Thursday evening was a visit to the physio for the regular care and maintenance pummelling - ouch!! When the bits that had knots in before are looking a bit better, he manages to find more! The drive back was interesting, horizontal rain in gale force winds - gusting to 90-100 mph with spectacular sheet lightning!
The weather seemed to have abated a bit this morning, still heavy rain but not so stormy and then it all blew up again about 3 o'clock this afternoon... The drive to Linlithgow for tonight's Bootcamp was a bit hairy as there were huge puddles and flooding on the road and at one point I even contemplated turning back for home. This evening's session was even wetter and wilder than Wednesday but 36 hardy souls turned out :-)
I am now showered, warm and fed and off to enjoy((?) depends on result) the last 20mins of the rugby with a glass of wine and then early bed as hopefully my legs will carry me round a long run tomorrow morning.

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