Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday over :-)

Wasn't too bad I suppose as Monday's go - spent the afternoon in a meeting discussing a subject that I enjoy so that passed the afternoon really quickly.
Had a funny weekend, woke on Saturday feeling quite yuk and slightly flu-ey, sniffly.. wasn't sure if had picked up a bug or whether it's the change of the weather - it's turned cold and damp again and even had some flurries of snow this morning.
So instead of a long run, we went to Achilles Heel in Glasgow and bought new shoes :-) Had a lovely long chat with Katie the owner and came away clutching a brand new pair of Asics Gel Kayano 17s - in black! Not sure how I feel about black trainers, but it's the job they do not the looks that are important. The runner bit of my head is happy with that, but not sure if the girly bit is quite as convinced! Then we headed up to an outdoor shop to look at a jacket which has apparently the highest hydrostatic head (I think I understand it... ) as a potential birthday present for next month.
After a mooch around Tiso and a nice lunch in the fitfood cafe we headed home.
I had a wee spurt of domestic goddess icity and baked a courgette and blueberry cake, made stock, made chilli, even made own breadcrumbs =:-0
Early night ensued, 3 Saturday's in a row we've been in bed by 9.30pm!
Sunday morning I woke with an excruciatingly sore knee and couldn't bend it past about 80deg so wasn't too happy :-( Had a good roll on the foam roller and did some stretching and it felt not too bad so set off to Linlithgow to have a run before diehard bootcamp. I had a nice wee run down the High St and round Linlithgow palace - some nice short sharp hills and a fine set of stairs thrown in the mix, then to the end of the town and back up to the top again. A run up and back down Preston Rd - hill!(!) then a few 100metres or so along the canal towpath gave me a 5.5km run and the new shoes were good. Quick change of shoes - I knew we'd be on the rugby pitches and had been wet overnight :-) and a 90 minute diehard bootcamp session.
Felt fine while was working but in car on way home got cold and couldn't shift the shivers which makes me think there was some sort of little lurgy hanging around...
Slept in the afternoon and called off pilates in the evening :-(
Still didn't feel great this morning, but better than yesterday although the legs are achey and my knee is still sore, so going to ice it now and have some medicinal red wine.

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