Friday, 18 February 2011

Just a quickie

It's Friday evening and it's almost bedtime - I must be getting to that point in training where all the cumulative tiredness hits! I am so sleepy by 10pm! I've not been sleeping well this past week either which hasn't helped, however our fab physio found a "new bit" last night and with a bit of luck he's got to the root of my knee pain which has been wakening me every couple of hours during the past few nights. I only woke once last night, so that is huge progress!
I haven't run since Monday lunchtime other than at my bootcamps, this is quite remiss but I hope that the legs are better for being rested. They are tired and achey today but that's the post physio effect and the DOMS from Wednesday night's bootcamp, it was a really good circuit workout with lots and lots of static squats and lunges - good for lengthening the big muscles, but tired them out too!
Tomorrow is long run day, I want to go and buy new shoes too, so am hopefully going to get through to Glasgow early (ish) in the morning and then have a run in them in the afternoon.
Die Hard bootcamp on Sunday is back at Linlithgow so will probably be trail shoes as the grass on the rugby pitches will doubtless still resemble a marshy bog still.
We had to go to another funeral today - this time it was an older retired former colleague who passed away last Thursday which was coincidentally the 1st Anniversary of my wonderful mum-in-law's passing. This was a memorial service as he'd donated his body to medical research, so it was strange to be in church and have no coffin, however it was a nice service and was lovely to see so many other former colleagues - just unfortunate that we only get a chance to catch up on sad occasions these days. This is the third funeral I've been to in the last 3 months so I hope that the trend has passed for a while.
On a lighter note, we are now close enough to our trip to Barcelona for it to be coming up on the long range weather forecasts, and at the moment the weather looks like it is going to be sunny and warm :-)
Fingers crossed!

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