Thursday, 27 January 2011

Friday again!

This week has flown by, it's had it's ups and downs... Monday brought a phone call from a dear friend to tell me that a much loved, mutual friend had lost her fight with illness and had died on Sunday. Even though we were expecting the sad news, it was still utterly devastating to hear it for real. The world has lost a wonderful lady, someone who loved life and with whom we always laughed. I hope that wherever she is now she is free from pain and loving her next adventure.

I have done my 2 Bootcamps, Tue in Stirling and Wed in Linlithgow and thoroughly enjoyed them once again. I had intended to run yesterday but my ITB is really tight and this has caused the ligaments in my knee to pull up causing quite a bit of pain so I rested and stuck a heat pad on it all day yesterday.

I am day off work today to travel to Annan for the funeral so I am going to go out this morning for my delayed run. I need to get 15-16miles in tomorrow so have to get out today and try to ease things off. One more coffee then will get ready and get out.

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