Saturday, 8 January 2011


Well no not really thwarted, just a change of plan...
Got up this morning to a beautiful white wonderland so we swithered about going go to the BUPA Cross-Country Championships in Edinburgh, or staying home to try to get my first proper Barcelona run in.
I've been a bit under the weather since Christmas so haven't been able to get out and I'm starting to panic about getting the miles in for Barcelona. However, just when I'd decided to stay home and try for a wee run/walk, the sun came out and we decided to go to Edinburgh as it was going to be a nice day to be outside. It was. Sun shone all day, it was bitterly cold, but we were well wrapped up in appropriate layers and 1000 or so hardy souls braved the cold to run the BUPA Winter Run 5k on a rejigged course thanks to the overnight snow. It was good to be able to cheer them on before we climbed up the hill to watch the professionals!
Just heard that if you watch Mo Farrah on BBC sports clip, we are at 41/42 seconds :-)

We got home about 4.30pm after an enjoyable day in the fresh air but I decided to clear the snow from the drive rather than go out for a run - I think I'd more of a workout with my 90mins snow clearing than if I'd gone out!
However, tomorrow I will run either outside or on the treadmill as the horrid cough seems to have abated and I am feeling much more up for the challenge...

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