Sunday, 23 January 2011

Mud glorious mud!

I was going to write Phew!!! But I think I have used that already :-)
We've had a busy weekend, woke up yesterday morning to another day of freezing fog and a very heavy frost. Not at all conducive to going out to run... Yesterday was a long run(21.25km) along the Forth & Clyde canal which was quite picturesque as it was still mostly frozen, there were a couple of patches where a little thaw had occurred and the swans and ducks could get in and swim - their legs must be devoid of nerves or they would be frozen! The towpath was in reasonably good condition although a tad muddy in places - the shoes bear testament to that they're a fetching shade of grey!

Today was Die Hard Bootcamp session 2 this time we met at Kirkton Park in Bathgate, a pretty wee park on the outskirts of the town, with a HILL in it! Killer Hill I think would be an appropriate name for it - it's not very far to the top in that it will only be 400 - 500m I guess, but it seems to go straight up - at least it does after you've been up it a couple of times! Our warm up run was just over 2 miles but it went up the same hill just a little bit further along on a good wooded trail which every time you thought you'd got to the ridge, went up again :-)
It was all good fun (?) in incredibly heavy claggy red clay/ash MUD! with a 20 station circuit to follow - one of the stations however being up the hill and back! Great fun doing pushups on frozen ground with a slight covering of mud on it - at one point my feet slipped away behind me and I collapsed on the Bosu ball which we were using for the pushups in a fit of helpless giggles - a picture to conjure with!
We went for lunch with a friend afterwards, it was good to catch up - thankfully he is a runner too so he understands our madness :-) Enjoying a little bit of quiet downtime just now with a coffee and a home made peanut butter & choc chip muffin before heading back out the door in half an hour to do an hour of pilates. I think I will aim for a day off tomorrow, but depending how work goes and depending how I feel in the evening I might do a gentle 5km, we'll see...
I'll sleep tonight!

P.S. Another good friend and much respected runner suffered a dreadful injury in the summer, he completed his first race today - Much Respect and congratulations to him :-)

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