Sunday, 9 January 2011

Managed a run!

Did a 9.1km run/walk in the snow this morning, it wasn't pretty and it was slow but it was great to be back on the feet again! Cold wind but the sun is out now and it's so peaceful running in the snow as everything is hushed and not so much traffic around. The farm roads which are normally full of big potholes and puddles were a joy this morning, the potholes are full of ice and the snow on top of them has left a nice smooth surface which has wide tractor tracks on it for running in. Not much other life about this morning, one man and his dog, and a couple of hares on the farm road.
So So glad I got back out again, got to try and double the distance next weekend but will work towards it during the week.
When I got back I cleared last night's snowfall so am off for a well deserved epsom salts bath now.

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