Saturday, 15 January 2011

Happy Runner today :-)

9.7 stress free miles on tired legs, really reassuring! It poured with rain the whole time I was out but after the freezing rain in Florence in November it was a warm shower! I'm happy that the running legs and desire/psyche are still in there somewhere and are starting to stir again - maybe it's like the snowdrops starting to poke little tentative shoots sunwards? Whatever the reason, it's hard to describe the feeling of getting that first long-ish run in the bag after a break, and this morning's was probably the least stressful run round that route ever.
I listened to a Marathon Talk podcast on the way round- I'm way behind with these and it's still only October in podcast land, but I love them, it's like having pals to chat to on your run, which is somewhat ironic as I prefer to run alone...
My legs were tired and took me quite a while to warm up but I was happy to just toodle round and enjoy being out and on the go again without the hacking cough I've had for the past 3 weeks. Tomorrow I do my 3rd Boot Camp of the week which is 1.5hours as opposed to the weekly 1hr session so that will be interesting. Gentle (??) end to the weekend with an hour of pilates and then I'll be ready to sleep again :-)

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