Thursday, 20 January 2011

Where has the week gone?

Can't believe it's Thursday night and I've not been back here since Monday! Had a good week so far, went to the gym at lunchtime on Tuesday and walked/ran for 25minutes, my calves felt like rocks they were so tight. Did 10min on the bike after and that helped to ease them out a bit so Tuesday night's Bootcamp wasn't as bad as I feared it might have been. Last night at Linlithgow was a bit tougher, but managed an hour each night in the lovely clear night air, even though it was minus 2 or 3C both nights. I like being outside.
Today's exercise was lunchtime spin class and although it felt hard at the time it didn't feel too bad, this afternoon though my legs have just gotten more and more tired so this evening's 3mile run/rest is a rest and I'll try to do a 3 mile run tomorrow evening as I am at a conference tomorrow so it will be good to stretch the legs. Aiming for 12-14 miles on Saturday morning and then the DieHard extra long Bootcamp is on Sunday. All this exercise will hopefully pay off...
Or it will kill me :-)
It's day 20 of the 100 Day Challenge so tomorrow will be 3 weeks and they say that if you do something for 3 weeks it becomes a habit so hopefully this is a good habit.

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