Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Happy Campers...

Since I was last here on Monday, I have completed the first 2 of my 10 week Die Hard programme with Burnit Bootcamp - phew!! It's been good fun and although my muscles are telling me I've used them I'm not in any pain so that's a bonus.
Session 1 was held on Tuesday in Stirling, but the weather wasn't favourable, it was like an ice rink underfoot and the grass was just as bad, we nearly cancelled, but decided that we could do a slightly reduced workout on the tennis courts which still had fresh fallen snow on top of the ice so afforded some grip. Stewart started off saying if we got 20-30 minutes this session he'd be happy, we managed 55minutes! A lot of static exercising with a little jogging was the order of the day but it was good fun and we'd lots of laughs along the way.
Session 2 was last night, had to travel to Linlithgow for this one and conditions looked much more favourable there but the school we were using decreed that we couldn't use the outside facilities as they were unsafe so they gave us a dance studio/gym to work in - 45 of us in a reasonably small space, but we managed. Paul & Gordon devised a really good circuit using every spare inch of the hall, split us into 3 teams and off we went. It was a much tougher session than Tuesdays - although I was working on tired legs, but what a blast! I finished it on a real endorphin high which lasted all night and I am sure contributed to one of the best sleeps I've had since before I was ill over Xmas.
Now I need to fit in some running! I am going to a spin class at lunchtime today with a friend and will either run on the treadmill tonight or if the weather is kind will try for a run outside - I need to practice running with a head torch on in preparation for the Mighty Deerstalker in March - more about that one later!!

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